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Hey, write my essay in 3 hours, please
Do you know that being a good student doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your sleep and refuse all the free time? Well, if that’s new to you, you are on the right track. We are going to take a look at the possibilities that allow students to maximize their studying efficiency in the minimal amount of time. In the end, you’ll know how to write your essay in 3 hours - with no sleep deprivation. Method #1- Get it together and write If you are the kind of student who puts the task away until the last minute, this one is for you. If you ended up in the situation where you don’t know how to take care of a three-hour paper, it indicates clear time management and discipline problem. Here are some tips that will help you.
  1. Prepare yourself to the stress. Finishing last-time essay is never going to be calm. Be ready to embrace nerves and make that adrenaline work for you.
  2. Start writing right away. You know how they say that 90% time of a writer needs to be occupied by thinking and 10% by writing? Well, you clearly don’t have that privilege which means, you have to pull it together and start writing right away, without overthinking.
  3. Don’t criticize your work in the process of writing. If you are going to stop on every word and think where it fits the narrative, explores the context, and showcases your ideas, you are never going to finish it in time. Don’t have a goal to write the best essay, just write the one you can. Then make it better during the proofread.
  4. Type fast. If you don’t know how to do it blindly, look at the keyboard. Don’t look at the screen (well, just occasionally check if the register didn’t get switched) - it’ll help you to catch the flow and abstract yourself from the possible corrections. Once you’ve found the inspiration, don’t edit anything.
Method #2 - It’s time to find out whether you have friends It takes a village to write a last-minute essay and you are just about to find that out. You can’t ask one friend to write the entire essay for you - chances are, they are struggling with their own deadlines. But you can consider dividing the scope of the work between a couple of friends and save a big chuck for yourself, of course (yes, you still have to work). How to make sure it gets done?
  • Ask your friends to do small segments of the work. No one will agree to write you 3-4 pages in a short period of time, whereas 400-500 words are definitely are the doable amount.
  • Know how to ask. A hint: something like ‘ Hey, could you write my paper in three hours’ will not work. You have to make your friends understand that you really appreciate their writing abilities - and that's the reason why you are reaching out. Not because you are drowning at the workload or have no idea how to write fast. Make them feel better about helping you.
  • It’s all about your reputation. If you help your friends, they will return the favor. If you, however, don’t invest your time in maintaining solid relationships, you can’t expect too much.
But in the end, no matter what you do, there is no way you can ensure that the work will get done. There are emergencies and you can’t absolutely blame your friends if the results are not delivered in time. Don’t forget that each friend may have a different style and you’ll have to make sure it all fits together, and that takes some great editorial skills. So this method works only if you have a really amazing friend or absolutely hate writing yourself. Method #3 - Get professional writing assistant The more secure way to deliver an essay in 3 hours is to go to professional writers. If you have no experience in fast writing and your friends don't’ have enough time to help you out, the last-minute essay writing services are your last chance. Let’s take a look at how it works and what you need to be careful about.
  1. Price. The custom writing industry is amazingly developed these days so there are plenty of services in a low price range that also offers a great quality of services. It’s not like you have to sacrifice a fortune to pay for the assignment. The only thing you have pay attention to is whether the platform charges for urgent tasks.
  2. Credibility. You need to make sure the service knows how to keep their promises. To find that out, hit the reviews and monitor the feedback. If people had problems with assistants meeting the deadlines, it’s going to be obvious online.
  3. Support 24\7. Urgent tasks are especially responsible both for writers and students. Your assistant needs to understand the requirements right away and you have to manage every step of the way to make sure it happens. The best thing to do is ask your writer right away - can you write my paper in 3 hours? If you’ll have misunderstandings along the way, it’s crucial to have someone you can turn to. Usually, support agents help - they can change your writer, mediate the conflict and help the assistant understand the assignment. if the service doesn't provide active support, you are left without this important privilege.
As you see, there are plenty of options that allow you to handle the last-minute essay professionally. Don’t give up and pick the one that fits you the most. Don’t stress out, just buckle up and act.

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