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Why study at CGV Speaking Spanish

The Spanish language is spoken by more than 400 million people in more than 20 countries, and nowadays it is gaining importance in European and North American schools.

Look at the skype Spanish lessons and start today!

CGV Speaking Spanish offers interesting  online courses that adapt to your needs.

  • Courses are flexible. It means that you can study from anywhere. You only need a computer, a microphone, a web camera and broad band internet service.
  • You will learn Spanish with a personal teacher who will guide  and motivate you. Communication between the teacher and the student will be through different tools: videoconference, chat, mail, etc.
  • You will have interesting material and tools that will enhance your learning. Get the best results.
  • You will benefit from your teacher's explanations by videoconference.

Learn Spanish online with us and you will speak Spanish from the first day.


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