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Date of last revision: 20th of May of 2013

The user accepts the following:


The user and CGV Speaking Spanish (Clara Gómez Vaca, 75785741M).

Terms and conditions establish the rules of use between individuals (from now on User) and CGV Speaking Spanish concerning the courses and material.

Free material, such as the level test, in the homepage is exempt of these terms and conditions.


The user has to give personal details such as name, surname and contact details when registering in a course. The user is responsible for giving the correct information.


CGV Speaking Spanish uses the personal information with total confidentiality.


The user can access to the courses using the username and password.


In order to sign in a course or individual lesson, the user has to register in the REGISTRATION button (upper right) and fill in the form with the personal and contact details. Once the payment is made, the user will be notified by the administrator to access to the course or lesson with the username and password. The user will have a new menu called WORK AREA with his/her course or lesson.

Pay pal is the system used  to pay the courses. Once the transfer is made, the administrator  will give you access to the course.

The user can also pay by bank transfer. The details are given in WORK AREA menu.


As CGV Speaking Spanish offers flexibility, the company allows the user to take the course in indefinite time.


CGV Speaking Spanish assigns a Spanish native and qualified teacher to each user. The user can contact the teacher through mail or other tools in the virtual classroom.


The teacher will organize video conference sessions. Some sessions will be individually, others in groups_ depending on the subject. The teacher and the student(s) will organize the video conferences at a time that suit them both.

The teacher will organize free video conference sessions in groups with the aim of making clear  some difficult topics of the Spanish language. These sessions will be announced in advance for the users to participate.


The user can use and print the material only for learning.


If a user buys a course and during the first week he/she realizes that  his/her level is not proper for that course, the user has the possibility to change it. The user has to contact the managing director and the registration for another course will be made with no fees.


These conditions are considered accepted when the user makes the outright purchase of a course.

CGV Speaking Spanish reserves the right to disable access to users who do not respect the rules.



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