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CGV Speaking Spanish offers different levels (A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1), a conversation course (B1 and B2) and DELE (Diploma de español como lengua extranjera) preparation according to the European Frame of Reference for languages. If you are a beginner student or have some knowledge of Spanish, at CGV Speaking Spanish you will find attractive online Spanish lessons that will allow you to improve and master the language, so that you will speak Spanish fast.



Course A1: it is an initial course, for those students that want to initiate an experience with the language.

Course A2: it is a course for those students that have begun their learning of Spanish and have some basic knowledge.

Course B1: it is a course for those students that are able to interact in a variety of situations.

Course B2: for those students that want to make progress in their learning of Spanish.

Conversation course B1-B2: it is a course for those students that have an intermediate level and want to develop their communicative skills (speaking and listening).

These courses combine the virtual platform and the skype Spanish lessons (videoconferences with the teacher). Each course has 10 didactic units which deal with important aspects of the language (functions, grammar, vocabulary and culture). Each didactic unit has grammar explanations and interactive activities to practice all communicative skills (reading, listening, speaking, writing). Moreover, in each lesson the student will have a one-to-one skype spanish lesson with the teacher.


Course C1: this course is for those students that are able to understand a variety of texts with a certain level of difficulty. The student can speak fluently and spontaneously, and can use the language effectively taking into account cohesive and coherent devices. All the sessions are by video conference.

DELE preparation: this course comprises all levels from A1 to C1 of DELE, according to the common European Frame of Reference. The student can choose what level to study and the lessons will be designed to train the student on this exam. All the lessons are by video conference.

Medical Spanish: This course is designed to maximize the effort of learning Spanish through topics related to medicine, focusing on specific vocabulary and the Spanish health system.

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