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Clara Gómez V. is the managing director and a teacher at CGV Speaking Spanish. She was educated at the university of Cádiz (Spain) where she got a university degree in English Philology. Then she studied two master degrees, one on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language at the university of León (Spain) and another on Bilingual education at the university of Sevilla (Spain). She participated in many courses and seminars about teaching/learning of modern languages.


She is an experienced teacher and has a great vocation on the teaching of Spanish and on the designing of teaching material. For that reason, she has the knowledge to carry out a virtual classroom to teach her mother tongue.


She has worked in many different private academies and schools in Spain, and has taught all level of Spanish, from beginner to advanced. She has taught Spanish to English, German, North American, Japanese, Norwegian, French, Swiss, Swedish students and many others.


She is a very enthusiastic person, she enjoys teaching and motivating her students. Students say about her that she has a special skill to teach.


Her main concern is “ I make difficult topics of Spanish easy”.


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