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Do I need a web cam? It is optional but recommended for video conference lessons.

Do I have to buy any didactic material? No, all the resources are in the virtual classroom.

Is it necessary to know some Spanish before starting a course? No, in CGV Speaking Spanish you can study if you are a beginner student.

Can I study from anywhere? Of course, this virtual classroom is designed to adapt to you. You can study in your country, at home, at the office, etc.

Can I choose my timetable to study in CGV Speaking Spanish? Of course, you can advance at your convenience, except when you have the video conference with the teacher. In this case, time will be arranged in advance.

Where is CGV Speaking Spanish from? CGV Speaking Spanish is a Spanish company and the teachers are Spanish as well.

Can I have a look at the course plan? Yes, you can see them in the homepage.

Do I have to pay  in advance? Yes, when you register in a course, you have to pay by pay pal or bank transfer.

What happens if there are problems of communication during a video conference meeting? CGV Speaking Spanish is not responsible if there are problems because of technical problems or bad internet service of the student. In case, the school has problems of communications, the teacher will inform the student about a future meeting.

Who will solve my language problems  during the course?The teacher will always be at your disposal to help you by means of mail, chat, video conference,etc.

What happens if I have to leave the course?If you have to leave because of  a well-grounded reason, you have to inform the teacher. In this case you will be able to restart when you are ready, but you have to inform the teacher previously and do not have to pay extra.

How long are video conference lessons? 50 minutes  approximately.

Can I have more than one video conference lesson per didactic unit?The idea is to have one, but the teacher will evaluate  the need of arranging more.




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