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In CGV Speaking Spanish, we use a communicative approach, it means that interaction and communication are very important.

Courses from A1 to B2 are designed with a web application that important educators use to create effective online learning sites. We count on a virtual platform + skype Spanish lessons. For each course, we have created 10 lessons that include: grammar explanations, interactive activities, games, tests, tools for developing communicative skills, etc. and the support of skype Spanish lessons with the teacher.



Courses C1, DELE and Medical Spanish

These courses are taught exclusively on video conference, that is, 100% skype spanish lessons.

The meetings will be scheduled in advance at a time that suits the teacher and student.

The teacher will design and organize the teaching/learning material that will be delivered to the student. With this method, the student will have the maximum effort for the training of the communicative skills.

In CGV Speaking Spanish the teacher will be your partner in this experience!


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