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Medical Spanish

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This course is designed to maximize the effort of learning Spanish through topics related to medicine focusing on specific vocabulary and the Spanish health system. It is a course for special purposes.


- to develop the communicative skills

- to widen vocabulary on medicine

- to get preparation for the official exam issued by the Cámara de Comercio of Madrid

- to review the grammar structures and most important functions in the field of medicine

- to know the most important administrative documents in the Spanish health system



This course is for students with B2 level of Spanish. It is directed to doctors, nurses and students of medicine that want to work in the Spanish health system or study at a Spanish university.


You can buy your lessons according to your budget and time. We offer three packs:

1 lesson: 30 euros

5 lessons: 125 euros

10 lessons: 230 euros

If you want more than 10 lessons, contact us for a special offer as it is a broad course.


This course is 100% on videoconference. The teacher designs the material that will be delivered to the student before the videoconference for previous work. Lessons are one-to-one, that means the maximum effort and attention is on one student. The result will be the development of the communicative skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). In some cases, the teacher can give the student some homework for the next lesson.


Unit 1: La salud

Unit 2: Instituciones abiertas. Ambulatorios.

Unit 3: Instituciones cerradas. Centros hospitalarios.

Unit 4: Atención sanitaria urgente.

Unit 5: Especialidades médicas (1)

Unit 6: Especialidades médicas (2)

Unit 7: La cirujía

Unit 8: Trastornos de salud mental.

Unit 9: Dos etapas de la vida: infancia y tercer edad

Unit 10: La salud pública.




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