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C1 plan

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According to the Common European Frame of Reference for the languages, the contents for level C1 are the following:

Functional content

- Physical  description and personality.

- To judge and value.

- Sorytelling. To express temporal relations between actions.

- To give instructions.

- To persuade and convince.

- Resources to express agreement and disagreement.

- To express  doubt and reservation.

Grammar content

- Compositional elements that are associated with nouns, prefixes and suffixes. Adjectives with both genders.

- Comparative constructions.

- Uses of ser/estar + adjectives.

- Vocabulary of the body and personality.

- Uses of the indicative pasts in Spanish.

- Verbal periphrasis.

- Morphology and uses of the present and imperfect subjunctive.

- Morphology and uses of the conditional.

- Uses of the subjunctive to express opinion, advise, wishes, feelings and mood.

- Uses of the indicative and subjunctive in final, modal and temporal clauses.

- Relative pronouns and adverbs. Morphology and frequent uses.

- Expressions and idioms related to different semantic fields.

- Personal pronouns.



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