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B2 plan


Skype Spanish lessons

This course is designed for students that have the ability to discuss topics effectively.With this program the student will acquire a new awareness of the language. The course consists of 10 didactic units with the following sections:

COMMUNICATION: The communicative functions of the language are presented.

LEARNING: In this section the student will learn the formal aspects of the language (grammar, vocabulary, culture ...).

REINFORCEMENT: The students will reinforce his/her knowledge of the language with interative  self-evaluation and reinforcement activities


- To develop the four communicative skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening).

- To acquire the vocabulary and use it in  communicative contexts.

- To learn the formal aspects of the language.

- To interact with the teacher and peers in the virtual classroom.


Unit 1

- Preterito imperfecto of subjunctive.

- Contrast present/ imperfecto subjunctive.

- Tense corresponding indicative/ subjunctive mood.

- Impersonal clauses with indicative and subjunctive.

- To give opinion-

- Vocabulary: health, medical prescription and the parts of the body.

Unit 2

- The indirect speech.

- Tense corresponding.

- To reproduce a conversation.

- To tell and summ up a conversation.

- The summary.

- Culture: flamenco.

Unit 3

- Relative clauses.

- Contrast indicative/ subjunctive.

- Relative pronouns and adverbs.

- To identify and describe something.

- To give information about objects.

- Vocabulary: housework and objects.

Unit 4

- Phrasal verbs with infinitive, gerund and participle.

- Change verbs: ponerse, convertirse...

- Vocabulary: cinema.

- Culture:  The Spanish cinema.

Unit 5

- Conditional sentences (three types).

- Perfect conditional morphology.

- Preterito pluscuamperfecto of subjunctive morphology.

- To express hypothesis in the past.

- To express likely and unlikely conditions in present and future.

- Vocabulary: Jobs.

- Curriculum vitae

Unit 6

- Uses of ser /estar (review).

- Ser/estar + adjectives that change of meaning.

- Consequence subordinate clauses.

- To define and describe.

- To talk about actions, objects and facts,etc.

- Vocabulary: mood adjectives.

Unit 7

- The verb ·parecer(se)".

- Comparison.

- The structure "como/si que + imperfecto subjunctive/ pluscuamperfecto subjunctive"

- To make comparisons.

- To comment on different topics.

- Vocabulary: music.

- Culture: Music festivals.

Unit 8

- Impersonality.

- To express indiference.

- Culture: Celebrities in Spain.

Unit 9

- Concessive subordinate clauses.

- Reduplicative structures with subjunctive.

- To contrast opinions.

- To contradict.

- Expressions.

- Culture: The situation of  Spanish women in society.

Unit 10

- Final clauses (indicative/ subjunctive).

- Uses of POR/PARA.

- To express finality.

- To describe objects.

- Vocabulary: Hispanic characters.



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