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B1 plan

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This course is designed for those students that are able to interact in a variety of situations and can solve small problems of communication. It is a high intermediate course that consists of 10 didactic units with these sections:

COMMUNICATION: The communicative functions of the language are presented here.

LEARNING: The formal aspects of the language are studied.

REINFORCEMENT: The student can reinforce the knowledge by means of interactive activities.


- To develop the four communicative skills (speaking, writing, reading, listening).

- To acquire the course vocabulary and use it in communicative contexts.

- To learn the formal aspects of the language (grammar, vocabulary, culture, and functions).

- To interact with the tutor and peers through the virtual classroom.


Unit 1

- To talk about abilities (costar, resultar, darse bien/mal...).

- To talk about emotions (dar vergüenza, miedo, pena...).

- To link clauses with AUNQUE.

- Verbs that go with pronouns.

- Vocabulary: Learning strategies.

Unit 2

- To narrate past events.

- Pretérito indefinido/ imperfecto.

- Resources to tell anecdotes.

- Pretérito pluscuamperfecto.

- To express cause and consequence (como, porque, así que...).

Unit 3

- Review of the present subjunctive (morphology).

- Noun subordinate clauses.

- To express desires, complaints, need...

- To give one's opinion: impersonal clauses.

Unit 4

- Subordinate realtive clauses (indicative/ subjunctive).

- To describe the characteristics and functions of objects.

- Relative pronouns: QUE, QUIEN, DONDE.

- Relative clauses with preposition.

Unit 5

- Simple and perfect future.

- To make hypothesis and predictions.

- Resources to express different levels of certainty.

Unit 6

- The passive voice and other impersonal constructions.

- To move forward the complement.

Unit 7

- Review of simple conditional.

- To give advice.

- To bring imaginary situations to mind.

- Pretérito imperfecto of subjunctive.

- Vocabulary: extreme sports.

Unit 8

- Review of pretérito imperfecto of subjuctive.

- The indirect speech.

- To say the statements of others.

Unit 9

- Temporal subordinate clauses.

- Temporal links.

- To connect to events.

- To express the time when something happens.

Unit 10

- Cause subordinate clauses.

- Cause links.

- To express cause.

- The informal letter.



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