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Communicative activities in Spanish

Learning Spanish online with the CGV Speaking Spanish methodology proves to be effective. With a selection of the most useful internet applications, one can develop the communicative skills easily.

CGV Speaking Spanish uses the multiple advantages that information and communication technologies offers for teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Internet offers advantages based on multimedia technology, but it also adds the ability of communication and interaction between teacher and student and among students from different parts of the world, a feature that increases the potential for communicative approaches to the teaching / learning of languages.


Therefore, we have to set out below a brief description of some of the tools used by CGV Speaking Spanish for developing productive and receptive skills.

Voice recording

When the activity is the production of an oral text, the student can easily access a voice recording tool and send the recording to the teacher for evaluation. In almost all lessons, the student has direct access to the application to perform a particular function or structure of the language.

Listening activities

To carry out the practice of listening activities, Speak Up Spanish uses on the one hand, listening exercises. To this the student has some buttons to operate the listening and can repeat this as many times as he/she wants before completing the related activity; on the other hand, there are videos that allow a greater approach to Spanish culture.

The video conference (Online Spanish lessons)

The video conference is primarily used to introduce new information to the student, or to make an activity previously prepared. This tool allows both student and teacher enjoy an active teaching / learning in real time. This application has among others a virtual board that provides assistance to the teacher's explanations. Meetings may be made individually and in groups.


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